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What your respons with students POIN at the school ?

Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Tuty Lindawati
“MIMI teqachers taught our children with Patience, Caring and Love.During their time in MIMI, they know how to love God & friends, discipline and have
Mr. Edy Susanto
“MIMI has the appropriate and conductive environment, resources and facilities that encourages the pursuit of exellence in teaching and learning.”
Mrs. Christiana Koe
“We appreciate MIMI for completing our children with Superior characteristics, such as honesty, leadership, affection, preseverance, self confidence,
Our Values


Through the curriculum the students will learn to become :

1. Inquirer

2. Critical Thinker

Students exercise intiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisioins and to solve complex problem.

3. Problem Solver

Students are able to apply creatively and persistance in defining problems and developing strategies to solve the problems.

4. Self-Directed Learner

Students are able to realize their intellectual, artistic, social and physical potential.

5. Effective Communicator

Students are able to speak, read, write and listen effectively. Students are able to express ideas, emotions, and personal experiences clearly and creatively using a range of methods.

6. Constructive Community Member

Students are able to work collaboratively and effectively with others, contribute their time, energy and talents to improve the quality of live in their families, schools, communities, nations and world.

7. Moral and Tolerant Individual

Student are able to individuals who have moral and high tolerance to others.


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